FAST OPTICOM AG for wastewater system operators
FAST OPTICOM AG knows the needs and requirements of wastewater system operators and helps generating additional profits.

FAST OPTICOM AG for power authorities and energy providers
FAST OPTICOM AG supports the expansion of your service portfolio towards broadband services with an extremely economical and environmentally friendly method of laying fiber.

FAST OPTICOM AG for Cities & Communities
FAST OPTICOM AG helps you building a sustainable broadband infrastructure , especially in grown structures with historic centers in an environmentally friendly manner without underground engineering.

FAST OPTICOM AG for telecommunications service providers
With innovative FAST technology, FAST OPTICOM AG provides a fast, secure, environmentally friendly and above all economically sound development of their fiber network.

FAST OPTICOM AG for businesses
With our FAST FAST OPTICOM AG technology we expand your fiber optic network economically and of course meeting the highest security standards.

We realize the expansion of your fiber optic network with up to 250 meters of construction work per day. By laying in sewer systems this is possible even in periods of frost.

The laying of the fiber optics network is done several meters below the earth in sewer or other utility lines, where it is further protected by thick sewer pipes walls. Through the FAST Technology in a tube of stainless steel, your network security is even extended.

FAST OPTICOM AG you not only helps to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions associated with your construction work. We also reduce construction noise to a minimum and let existing natural areas with grass and trees intact.

The extension of your fiber optic network with our FAST technology is significantly more economical than using conventional methods.