AEONIS Citycom Deutschland GmbH

Aeonis Citycom is mediator and contract provider of the diverse partners in the complex project structures of the FAST technology: It creates the formal and informative bounds between the local authorities / waste water operators and network operators. Especially in the field of public services cooperation and coordination between public and private actors are increasingly necessary – in some cases it will even be the optimal service provider to the parties.

public discussion increasingly assumes that investment and collaboration in the field of modern broadband networks increase effectiveness and efficiency and thus the variety of formal problems can be specifically addressed.

Thus, the service of Aeonis Citycom is essential for the development, use and sustainability of the targeted network and its competitiveness in technical and economic terms. Therefore, its goal is to permanently keep discussing the concept of future oriented optical networks via the sewer system – with science, with dedicated engineering companies and sewer industry, local government associations such as Association of Cities and Municipalities, and active community and its subsidiaries and companies and to formalize relevant experiences in written and contractual statements.


AEONIS Citycom Deutschland GmbH
Maximilianstrasse 14
93047 Regensburg