Harry Aichele heads as CEO the international business of the FAST OPTICOM AG at its two central locations in Zurich and the German Freienbach at Regensburg in the Upper Palatinate since early 2009. Previously, he worked as Vice President of Sales and Account Management Carrier Germany at Alcatel Germany. Before, Harry held several national and international leadership positions (including China, Russia, etc.) at Alcatel Lucent.

Harry set himself the objective to enforce the installation of fiber optic network in sewer systems as the future version of broadband rollout. Demanded in practice are the safest and most cost effective network types, and those responsible are increasingly tired of the never-ending road construction work. The path through the sewage system is the fastest and most environmentally friendly method in cooperation with the individual municipalities.



Christopher Habermann – Sales manager FAST OPTICOM AG
Christopher Habermann joined the FAST team Opticom Team early 2010 and has been responsible for the Northern Sales Region (Germany except Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria and Hesse). His goal is to establish the FAST technology in broadband network development.

Before joining FAST Opcticom, Christopher Habermann was responsible for the creation and development of the enterprise business solutions division as sales manager in FOC AG. Previously, he had worked at Alcatel-Lucent in the department “Optical Networks” as a business development manager in sales.




Axel Wöhrle – Projektleiter
Axel Wöhrle comes from civil engineering and sewer rehabilitation. He manages the construction teams of FAST OPTICOM AG. Axel is the local contact in the actual installation of fiber optic networks. The exploration and systematic evaluation of the lessons of FAST OPTICOM AG information on each channel and its efficient use are a focus of his work – but also the restoration problem and the general approach in walk-in and non-accessible channels.

Previously, Axel was mainly active in North Rhine-Westphalia in environmental and hydraulic engineering – with the full range of pipe and canal construction in ground, traffic and civil engineering as well as in wastewater treatment plants.