Our clients

FAST OPTICOM AG works for both carriers and municipalities and their daughters – all over Europe, with focus on German speaking countries. Our clients are national and international telecommunications companies and cable networks, including Authorities, network operators, as well as cities and municipalities, local businesses, public utilities and economic development agencies – as well as industrial customers.

Be it international providers like the German Telekom, Arcor, BT and LamdaNet and Colt, or larger cities like Düsseldorf, Salzburg and Berne, or many smaller cities around Siegburg, Wetzlar, Sinzig and Hemer, or communities such as Garching an der Alz, Mössingen or Denzlingen – they are all convinced of the innovative work we do with the FAST technology.

We are happy to give you contacts in your neighborhood. We have a large number of references in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Simply contact us so that we can completely convince you of the value of fiber optic networks in the sewers of your communities.