FAST OPTICOM AG is a services firm currently operating mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, that specializes in the deployment of fiber networks in sewer systems. In using the specifically developed FAST technology, fiber networks can be created fast, economically, environmentally and secure.


Solution spectrum

FAST OPTICOM AG uses existing sewer system for the building of fiber networks and thus avoids most problems conventionally associated with civil engineering works such as traffic impact, surface damage and seasonal dependence. Of course , the needs of the pure system operator are fully taken into account at any time during project implementation.
Central to our service is the installation of fiber optic cables, both in man-accessible as well as in non-accessible sewer pipes as well as the realization of house connection via the house drainage. If required, FAST OPTICOM AG uses additional techniques to create your fiber optic network in accordance with the four principles: fast, economical, environmentally friendly, secure.

Our spectrum of solutions and services includes:



  • Mapping of optical fiber paths to existing sewerage networks
  • Consideration of any channel-specific and network-specific conditions
  • If necessary, clarify easement related and legal issues
  • Create Implementation documents


Implementation and Project Management

  • Application for relevant permits before start of construction
  • execution of all installation work (including all splicing and assembly work) within the agreed time through the FAST OPTICOM AG Team
  • measurements procedures for acceptance tests
  • Project management by experienced FAST OPTICOM AG supervisors during the entire implementation period


Documentation and Service

  • Documentation of the realized fiber network (form based, CD, video) and handover to client
  • Individual additional services


Solutions for pure system operators
Solutions for power authorities and power utilities
Solutions for telecommunications service providers
Solutions for cities and communities
Solutions for businesses