Currenly, costs of 80 – 250 euros per meter for the conventional installation of cable systems are usual. Large parts of these costs are caused by construction works and the restoration of road surfaces. Thus, there is a high potential of saving in the creation of broadband networks – especially in the prevention construction work. As telecommunication and infrastructure markets have become very dynamic, short and reliable customer connection times are key. Tedious approval processes and the dependence on the season in conventional construction work can quickly become a problem.

The specially developed FAST technology takes these aspects into account and respects both the needs of the network and infrastructure operator, as well as the requirements of sewer infrastructure operators equally. As sewage systems are optimal network structures and available at all relevant locations, and thus are perfectly suited to carry broadband networks, FAST OPTICOM AG realizes broadband networks in exactly this medium.

The four key advantages of FAST Technology in detail:


Compared to conventional methods of dreating network infrastructure, with the FAST OPTICOM AG technology, environment is considerably relieved.
Through the realization within sewer networks, cunstruction work is not necessary. The result is a significantly positive effect on the environment:

There are no roads blockings – a small area for the insertion of the robot is sufficient, thus the impact on traffic is reduced to a minimum. In addition, as a result of our approach, no additional noise is affecting residents, and CO² emissions are significantly reduced, as compared to the use of heavy construction machines.

By maintaining the road surface, consequential damage as rost heave or settling are avoided. The root system of surrounding trees remains intact when applying the FAST technology.


FAST OPTICOM AG allows expansion of the broadband network in a very economic way. Costs of network enlargement are significantly cheaper compared to conventional methods, even when taking into account costs of channel leasing. A detailed comparison of expected costs is provided in the chart.



FAST OPTICOM AG provides you a simple and rapid way of expanding of your broadband network. No time-consuming approval processes for construction work are necessary. With a speed of up to 100 meters of cable per day, a rapid realization of your network is guaranteed. Even in periods of frost, where conventional methods are not applicable.


fiber optic cables deployed by FAST OPTICOM AG are not lying in the sidewalk or in conventional cable routes, but several meters deep in the sewer infrastructure. There, your new network is protected not only through the thick walls of the sewer system:

The FAST fiber cables are further protected by stainless steel pipes which protect the lines against dangers such as cleaning with high pressure systems. Fiber Optics Networks created by FAST OPTICOM AG have been run without any difficulty – sometimes for more than 10 years.