Technology Overview

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FAST is a complete system for the laying of fiber optic cables in sewers. The technology can be applied in walk-in (DN 800+), and non-walk-in sewers (from DN 200-DN 700).

The cross-sectional reduction of the channel by the cable system is only a few percent. A subsequent sewer renovation is not affected through the cable system.

Learn more about the different applications of the FAST technology:


Point to Point / Direktverbindung
Our method is suitable for main distribution connections, backbone extensions, government networks, site connections and and industrial customer connections.




Fibre to the Curb (FttC)
We carry the fiber optic cable through the sewers directly to the cross-connects without road construction work. Our system allows you to specify the desired number of fibers before and thus to receive a fiber optic network that exactly fits your need. The network is protected through the thick walls of the sewer channels. Tube cleaning with high pressure do not harm the fiber optic cables. Stainless steel tube with 15.5 mm diameter protect the fiber cables.



Fibre to the Basement (FttB)/ Fibre to the Home (FttH)

The sewage system is used between the routed sewers as a feeder network level. For road crossing, we use a new type of launchers. A HDPE tube gets placed by a controlled or uncontrolled drilling method between the exit slot of the channel and the cable tray of the sidewalk. The hole can be started from the sewer manhole without a start pit. For home connections, a Microduct system is used like “Speed-Pipe® Ground in protection tube unit” (e.g. by Gabocom). The unit is placed in a slot that is milled about 15 cm deep near the house wall in the pavement (trenching method) and potted upon completion of the installation work.